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Double the Love is a mobile shop started by two twenty-something besties from Vancouver. The company was founded while sipping wine in Paris dreaming up post-graduation plans. DTL is a growing online store that is changing the way women shop. Double the Love now offers shopping services like ecommerce, private parties and the newest feature, The Try-On Haul. DTL specializes in importing gorgeous pieces from Australia, bringing wardrobe dreams to reality.
Dou-ble the Love
see definitions in;  paris, cute asf, where did you get that, I love your outfit, effortlessly chic, omfg that dress 

1. self love, while simultaneously being a activist for encouraging other woman around you, to practice same. 

Is that catchy? No, but it's necessary. 


Double the Love is a little mobile boutique parked in North Vancouver 5 - 7 days a week or at city events! Our shop is currently closed due COVID but you can now shop online. We are currently offering local deliveries and contactless Try on Hauls for locals as well!