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We are all beautifully and uniquely made. We find size charts can be misleading so here is a helpful size-experience guide based off of the models you see on the website. We import a lot of our garments from Australia from a variety of wholesalers and they all size things slightly differently - meaning size charts are useless and lead to inaccuracy. In addition to our standard size guide, here are our models general shopping habits, sizes at bigger box stores and their measurements to help you gauge your size selection. For our standard size guide, click here


Model Measurements

What size she wears at most stores 

Size in this style shown

Buying habits of model. 


Height: 5’5.5

Smallest part of waist circumference: 27’’

Hips: (widest point of lower body): 37.5

Bust: 34B

Small to medium in skirts/pants

27’’-28’’ in denim 

Dress size 4-6 

XS-S in tops 

Tends to like a medium for bottoms like skirts if it has no stretch. 

Likes a looser fit on most things. 

Always fits a S at DTL but has preference for M or even L for a baggy/looser fit.


Height: 5’4.2

Smallest part of waist circumference: 27.5’’

Hips: (widest point of lower body): 40’’

Bust: 34B

Medium  pants/skirts

29’’ to 30’’ in jeans 

Dress size 


S-M in tops

Usually finds things fit the bottom but too are too big around waist.

Usually opts for larger sizes to have extra length and then has them taken in to fit waist.

Generally always wears a M at DTL and will size up for a baggy fit or for longer length. Prefers a looser fit on the bottom and more fitted on top. Doesn't like things too be too short. 


Height: 5’2.10

Smallest part of waist circumference: 26’’

Hips: (widest point of lower body): 40’’

Bust: 38C

Small to medium in pants/skirts

26’’ to 27’’ in denim

Dress size 2-4 

XS-S in tops

Usually sizes up on bottoms to have extra room for the lower body but has to have things taken in sometimes for the waist. 

Generally wears a S on top but will size up to M for extra room in  shoulder/bust area. Likes items to be fitted and shorter in length but will size up from S to M to get more room for lower body.