We've been doing private party collaborations with businesses since we've opened and it is our speciality! From staff parties to client appreciation days to just-for-fun parties for clients and staff we've done it all. 

We cross promote the event, notify all of our customers via our Facebook, Instagram, website and notify our VIP clients directly. We generally offer deals or specials during our attendance at your event to help promote traction. It is an amazing way to connect with your staff or clients. When there are racks of fabulous clothes at your event there's never a dull moment or a awkward lull because ladies are chatting, shopping and building an emotional connection between you, your space and your brand. 

Like a hotel, we keep your card on file as you have up to three weeks from your party date to cancel without being charged the cancelation fee. 

his is a no pressure, sales pitch free shopping party - our mission is to provide you with the convince of shopping right in your own home or office on a time crunch!

How Much?

It's free! Like a hotel booking, we keep a credit card on file as you have up to 3 weeks before your party date to cancel or change the date of your event without being charge the cancelation fee. The cancelation fee is $200 and will be refunded to you on the day of your party!

Host Perks?

Instagram, Facebook and website promotions 1-2 weeks prior to the event. 

Promotion on our product in collaboration with yours. Example: guests receive 25% off our Double the Love product if they spend $200 or more at your event or book their next service.

If guests book a party at YOUR party, the host will receive 20% off their purchase at the party! 

Set up?

We require about 1 hr to set up before your party time starts and approximately 40 minutes to tear down. Our set ups are indoor and fairly simple. We can even come the night before to partially set-up if necessary.