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Try on Haul Service



Us too.

We're now offering: 1 FREE try-on haul with any $50+ gift card purchased online.

Say goodbye to the hosting pressures of a shopping party or the “Will it fit, what size?” worries of online shopping. Purchase a $50 gift card and let us know in the special instructions which items you would like us to bring to YOU. Browse the website, note the pieces you'd like to try-on, select a day you'd like us to come by and we'll roll a little rack of your curated haul just for you.


- Ask for as many items and size options as available. 

- Groups of 1 to 6 people for indoors try-on hauls. You only need to purchase one gift card regardless of the number of people. 

- Contactless drop off/pick up of your curated haul OR request a stylist to assist you in choosing 

*This service is currently offered on Thursdays and Saturdays

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